My years of adolescence consisted of discoveries, researches, worries, decisions and expectations. All of these were hosted in my little room in Chisinau.

I left it approximately 9 months ago for another little room in Iasi, which didn’t succeed in stoling my heart and soul from my place in Chisinau. Because there is nothing more beautiful than always remembering and returning to those 4 walls where I’ve grown up, where I’ve started to build my personality.

Today I entered my room and a lot of thoughts and memories from the last 4 years of my life immediately crossed my mind. I explored my desk where I was selecting mathematical theorems and formulas for my exam. And not only for math, of course! History didn’t either let me sleep tight in may… Then I took a seat on my poor bed that had to endure so many changes because I had changed its place in the room like 3 times in 4 years. I’m pretty sure my bed hates me for forcing him… But I really do not like monotony, what can I do?…

While I was looking through my books, I found some dry rose petals. It was the first rose that I received from a very dear person. And I kept every petal in my favorite book….

My cat jumped into my arms and started to purr. It stuck so tight to me, that I had that feeling that all of us had during Christmas, with our families, with a cup of hot chocolate and with Home Alone on TV. But it was may and Home Alone was not so cool as 5 years ago…

Most of all I missed my beautiful wall that I maltreated, stung with needles, painted but also loved so much. Because this wall suffered more than I did. I think I should buy a chocolate for my wall, as it saved me from so many feelings that I refused to accept. It was like a little box where I could deposit all the displeasures and it accepted all of them, with a great dedication.

_MG_7323 copy

Do not be afraid to return where you’ve started your journey, because the very first point of an adventure is also the most important one!



5 gânduri despre “Returning

  1. I found my way here through the reblog of this! I must say that I have thoroughly enjoyed every word…it felt like I was taking a ride through your memories.. I could relate to it so much. I’m glad to have met you here. Looking forward to many more posts from you. Cheers!

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    1. Oh, thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it. 🙂 I’m pretty sure many of us who moved to another country or just in a new house keep remembering the room where they’ve grown up, because it is so important!

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      1. Remember that when a door closes, another one opes 🙂 So, you never know, maybe you will have even better memories and things in the new place.


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