8iarnile primăvăratice întotdeauna te fură și te duc în cele mai frumoase locuri din lumea asta, ca să nu le pierzi, să le savurezi.


these springlike winters always steal you and get you to the most beautiful places in this world, just not to lose them, but to enjoy them.


Știi cumva unde începe eternitatea? Aici, unde soarele îți atinge pielea și aerul de munte îți umple plămânii. Eternitatea este chiar aici.


Do you know where eternity begins? Here, where the sun touches your skin and the mountain air fills your lungs. The eternity is right here.



Mi-e teamă că, dacă n-o fi lumea atât de abstractă și plină de mister, ne-am pierde în ea. Ne-am pierde în monotonia ei și am muri.


I’m afraid that, if the world would had not been so abstract and full o mystery, we would have lost ourselves in it. We would have lost in its monotony and we would have died.



Toți ar trebui să aibă un cer al lor – sufletesc, intim, personal. La Chișinău prinzi atâtea ”ceruri” frumoase, încât îți permiți să furi soarele și să ți-l pui în suflet.


We all should have a sky of ours – a spiritual, intimate, personal one. Chișinău offers you so many beautiful ”skies”, that you allow yourself to steal the sun and put it in your soul.



Pe 1 ianuarie mi-am zis că ar trebui să-mi numerotez postările, ca să știu, la sfârșit de an, cât de mult am simțit eu necesitatea de a scrie – oricât de puțin. Din păcate, n-am avut deloc timp să postez altundeva decât pe Instagram. Acum încerc să recuperez timpul pierdut, căci, totuși, mai e jumătate de an înainte!

On the 1st of January I said to myself that I had to number my posts, so that I knew, by the end of the year, how much I had the necessity of writing something. Unfortunately, I had no time to post anywhere else but Instagram. Now I’m trying to recover the lost time, because there’s still half of this year left!
You can, of course, see my profile on Instagram (@miutsag) and follow there the latest posts, but I’ll continue posting them here, too.


Se spune că prima zi din an prevestește modul în care o să-ți petreci anul întreg. Ei bine, azi a fost un apus frumos. Este, oare, ăsta un semn?


People say the first day of the year predicts the way in which your whole year will feel like. Well, today I had an awesome sunset. May this, somehow, be a sign?


take care of yourself


Sometimes you just feel that something is not going well. You have a presentiment that you’ve been paralyzed and that something is going to happen. Or has already happened. You are nervous, you think that it would be naive and weird to smile and enjoy your life, as you know that there is something that doesn’t let you do this. You are afraid to talk, to ask, to listen. So that you do not reach the epicenter of the problem. Then is when you should take care of yourself.


You’re worried, you’re struggling, you’re trying to understand if it was you who had made a mistake or someone else. You spiritually visit the people you love, in order to realize if they are hurt or not. You look around, but nothing’s changed. The same fugitive looks, the same smiles, soaked with childlike wishes, the same smiles which have the colour of the sunset in february: red, full of life, warm. The same holding of hands, the same enjoyed coffee, the same books which are left forgotten on the shelves, the same lovers on the bench in the park, the same „I love you” whispered stealthily. The same initimity, the same everything. What would it be then? Paranoia? False alarm?

You run all around, you thoroughly analize everything, you notice every single face that was part of your life or that still is, trying to realize if any of the faces want to come back or leave. Then you stop, because you cannot take it anymore.

You realize that you are the problem. That you have something inside which doesn’t let you enjoy the same „whole”. You do have something inside which is still bleeding, it’s been years. And when it gets bigger, it bleeds more and you have that feeling, that something’s not going well.

And, eventually, the only one who’s hurt is you…

So, take care.


things to remember


one evening, we were running through the flowers on that plain. we were running after the sunset, it was trying to escape, while the moon was hunting us.

your childlike laugh and your brooding look were chasing me more. then, I stopped and examined attentively every single move of yours, looking at you contemplatively, while you were thinking that I was listening to your stories. I was trying to remember every line on your face and the symmetry or asymmetry of your body. 

I wanted to ask you what were you thinking about at 3 o’clock in the morning, but I did not, as your voice was like a solace for me and I had no courage to stop you.

I learnt everything about you, so that I could project you in my mind everytime I wanted to.