bedtime story


You do not organize a trip in the mountains just to see them. You want to see yourself more than anything. You want to find yourself, you want to try to rebuild or discover something.

I looked for fresh air. We looked for fresh air. And, obviously, for beauty.
We followed the clouds
and we switched our heads to see the mountains,
we walked a lot to reach the destination,

we insisted on freezing and getting hungry just to enjoy the warmth and that tasty steak,
we visited castles, streets, parks,
we climbed a lot of stairs,
we searched for chairs that would alleviate the fatigue,
we ran to the train station just to catch the trains
and then we slept in those trains,
we tasted the snow and then we tasted the Sun,
we found what we wanted to find,
we screamed,
we saw everything,
and, inevitably, we laughed, a lot.

We had a trip in „history”, and we did photos secretly, and we had fun,
we ate chocolate,
we looked for fir tree smell and we wanted so much to taste it, but gave up on this.

Busteni made us dream,
Sinaia made us run,
Brasov made us sing.


We have found our shadow. Did you?

With love, from Chernivtsi!

I think, first of all, I should apologize for my absence. The truth  is that I have organized a mini-trip for my lost soul and then I returned to my „beloved” hostel and I had no Internet connection, but this is another story. I will, of course, someday, tell you about living at a student hostel. I just have to be in the mood, this is kind of a more special topic :))

A cold autumnal morning brought me to the station. Spontaneous. Without any preparation. Because of the desire of escaping, getting away. I found myself on a chair near the window in the minibus which was driving me to Ukraine. I was just delaying this trip for some reason. Then, that day I just said: „I’m leaving tomorrow morning!” And I left. With the hope that a new city would help me rebuild myself.

The first impression was that, of course, the streets were as bad as in Moldova. But, well, I wasn’t even expecting something else. The second thing that I have noticed was that ukranians love luxury. I won’t say more, because I do not want to judge anyone or generalize. Maybe you will visit Ukraine someday and you will make your own impressions.

Of course I have visited Chernivtsi! Well, what a beautiful city! Especially because I was there with a lovely friend which I haven’t seen for a while and which, unexpectedly, became one of the most awesome people in my life.


Those two days spent in Chernivtsi gave me the opportunity to visit nearly the whole city. Of course the first place to visit was the National University in Chernivtsi. And I must say that I have never seen a more beautiful university in my life. I think I stayed there like for 3 hours and just admired it.






After that, we walked across the streets and the colorful districts. Then we got to the most important street, Kobylianska Street, where we listened to great music, tasted their coffee and enjoyed a great evening.




Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to visit the museums, because we decided to pay more attention to the city, to the arhitecture, to the people and to the streets.




Anyway, I do not regret visiting Chernivtsi. I came back with a looooot of sweets from Roshen and with some more beautiful days to talk about with one of my dearest persons, at midnight. Because only the dearest persons in your life will sincerely listen to your stories about your great days and really be happy for you.



With love, from Chernivtsi!

August in Chisinau

From the very first moment I arrived in Chisinau, I was troubled by the thought that it would suffocate me. That I would have too many things to think about, too many memories to recall, to many risks to take.

I do not like Chisinau. Literally, I’m totally not afraid to say that this is not the city I would like to live in and this is not the city I’m proud of. Yes, it is my dear city. Yes, I have grown up here. The best memories are from Chisinau. Everytime I leave it, I spend hours thinking how nice it would be to return and take the 185th minibus from Valea Morilor as I did daily in the past, to drink a coffee in a park, to have a walk with my people. Yes, it is my dear city. But I like it spiritually. Not visually or materially.

In the last months, our capital became a city lost in the renovations, problems, scandals, events and the effort of becoming a better capital. I think this „effort” will last at least two more years till the renovation of our streets are finally completed.

But, still, I’m kinda suffocating here. But my people help me breath. After all, everything seems more beautiful when you have someone to work on that beauty. The days pass faster when someone wakes you up to find out if you are not late; when you wake up by yourself and you know someone is waiting for you; when you run through the plains and talk about taboo beautiful things; when you rewatch movies from your childhood; when someone buys you a present and says she thought about you when she saw it; when you know you have a person to invite for a coffee.


i was looking at the sun
comparing it to a passing bird, a beloved one


and i wanted to catch it with my eyes, to stop it from its way.



a coffee that generates a life provocative;
i have never been so talkative.



i looked to the right


then to the left


and I had a „double” smile, seeing you everywhere. it would have been perfect if you had immediately materialized


this is how I will smile
if you steal me once in a while.
(from my life,



Beloved and loveless Chisinau, even if I’m always saying you are a very non-european capital, you do know that you hold in your „hands” wonderful lives and people, don’t you?

Back to Portugal!

Hello, my dear readers! I have finally found some time after my vacation to share the impressions with you.

This year I travelled for the third time to Portugal. And I would not tell the truth if I say that it was boring. There were so many new places, views that I could say that it was the first time I came there!

The airplain landed and while the bus was taking us to the airport I was looking over the window and I was continuously smiling, because it was a different world! It wasn’t that gloomy and problematic territory of Chisinau, of Moldova. The sky felt clearer, the sun seemed more friendly! And even the cars were happier! 🙂 I arrived home and what do you think was the first thing I did? Of course I drank my perfect portuguese coffee! (Unexpectedly, good coffee). What a satisfaction, I had been waiting for it for too long!


After some days of enjoying the ocean (How does it feel like to live near the ocean?) we got in the car and decided to be real travellers. We visited Palace of Queluz. What a beauty!




After some days we drove to Lisbon for a walk through a touristic zone. After some hours of constantly walking I got hundreds of visual satisfactions and dozens of photos and beautiful memories.



I really liked those fountains!




Another day we decided to spend in another area of Portugal. We arrived at the Mira d’Aire Caves, which we saw in an hour. Of course it is a great experience! You see diggings that have lasted for thousands of years and you just feel like you’re in other era. There are groups of people and every group has a guide which answers all the questions you have.


..After the caves we drove to Batalha. What a monastery! With a gothic arhitecture, complicated, unique. It is exactly the arhitecture that I like. We arrived there and I could not stop starring at it. How lucky are the people that get to see it every single day…


Finally, we arrived in Fatima in the evening. I’m pretty sure many of you have heard about this city and about the Miracle of the Sun. And it would be such a pity if you travel to Fatima and do not visit the Sanctuary of Fatima, as it is one of the biggest and one of the most important places for catholics in Europe. You can enjoy the great paintings and arhitecture, but also a calm atmosphere.



I dedicated the other days to Setubal, Palmela and other regions of Lisbon and to the beaches that were waiting for me daily…






So, if you have ever asked yourself if Portugal is worth it, then I can answer you: IT’S TOTALLY WORTH IT!

skyline. sunset in Palmela

bloody sunsets
and sunrises that are painfully throbing into my head…


the sense of oblivion bows down to me and, taking my hand, throws me into the future: „do you know that you’ll be alive?”, it says to me.

and i, so confused, lost in time, struggling between my future, present and my past, have frozen… unconsciously, without binding myself to the memories, desires and dreams, without hoping or waiting for something, in a state of nothingness trying to find a balance, i speak clearly, bluntly, without even trying to understand what I’m talking about: „yes, this is what i’ll do.”

and then….

then I see myself running after sunsets and sunrises, throwing lilac flowers to the skyline, drawing my own skyline…

…or just sketching the illusion that there still could exist more than just a skyline in the whole world.

13871813_1179391248798361_1164374818_n (1)
sunset in Palmela


sub soare

My years of adolescence consisted of discoveries, researches, worries, decisions and expectations. All of these were hosted in my little room in Chisinau.

I left it approximately 9 months ago for another little room in Iasi, which didn’t succeed in stoling my heart and soul from my place in Chisinau. Because there is nothing more beautiful than always remembering and returning to those 4 walls where I’ve grown up, where I’ve started to build my personality.

Today I entered my room and a lot of thoughts and memories from the last 4 years of my life immediately crossed my mind. I explored my desk where I was selecting mathematical theorems and formulas for my exam. And not only for math, of course! History didn’t either let me sleep tight in may… Then I took a seat on my poor bed that had to endure so many changes because I had…

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How does it feel like to live near the Ocean?

I have never really liked the sea and, generally, the water. Because I’m afraid of it. Everytime we went on a vacation at the sea I rested happily for 3-4 days and then could not wait to get back home.

And then I discovered the ocean and everything changed. I do not want to leave it anymore! I do not know why, I do not know what has happened, but I miss it so much when I get in the car and think that I’ll see it after some days. It has something specific. The water. The shells. The sand. The imensity. The histories. You look at it at its vastness and you realize how many things it is hiding. You realize that it has the power to hold into its depths so many lives and stories and it can still be calm! I would endlessly struggle if I were an ocean!

I have always thought that it was impossible to calm your spirit just by listening to the sound of the waves. But the ocean taught me that it was actually possible. You think it is your best friend and you do not want to leave it anymore. You want to build yourself a small house, to fall asleep and wake up there.

One day I saw a bottle floating on the water. I asked myself if there wasn’t any paper with a message in it.










Venice: the Bridge to Happiness

It’s that city where you can bathe in history. It’s that city where you can hold in your hand the most beautiful memories and never let them go. It’s that city where it seems like all dreams may come true. It’s that city where history merges reality and where love is infinite.

It’s Venice. Yes, the beautiful Venice. Venice, the city people talk about throughout the world…

I’ve always dreamed about visiting this awesome city. To walk on all its streets, to see its waters, to wander all its cafes. As I’m an artistic person, I imagined myself sitting on a road side, with a book in one hand and with my journal in the other. This meant perfection for me.

Well, as I had the possibility to spend in Venice just one day, it wasn’t exactly as  had imagined, but it surely fascinated me. I knew I would like Venice even before getting there, maybe this thing also influenced the way I saw it.

Firstly, I didn’t even imagine a city on water. Of course I’ve read a lot about Venice and about its public transport, but still!

From the first moment I got off the bus and stepped on the „venetian territory”, I understood how lucky I was! What a beauty and I didn’t even see anything!


More I went forward, more delighted was I! The uniform arhitecture and, at the same time, such a different arhitecture, colorful buildings, new and old, but without noticing it! The tourists who were walking up and down without even knowing where to start from, as the place was full of beauties! The cafes that were full of travelers who stopped by to drink their coffee! The beautiful taxis, which you see in movies and say to yourself: „Well, it should be so romantic!”



And, of course, the bridges, both small and big, which Venice stands on!



Here is the taxi! 🙂



I returned home tired. Physically, not morally. If I always listened to my heart, I would remain there forever!

Still I have a thing I didn’t like about Venice. There were a lot of tourists in July. If you want to enjoy Venice as it expects form you, if you want to taste all the beauties that it offers you, you should visit it in spring, autumn or even winter. But not summer. Venice is a great city. It requires attention and time. You can’t just pass by. You have to study it, to understand it. You have to look for its history and to listen to it.

I wish you a beautiful vacation in Venice! I hope you will return with a smile on your face, my dear reader!

A student’s instability – About Iasi

In the first year at the university you want very much to go home. Because you miss it. You miss your family, friends, places. You go home everytime you can. But when summer comes and you have to leave the hostel (if you live in one) and you have to say goodbye to your friends that have been near you for a year, the feeling isn’t so nice and you don’t even wanna go home anymore.

And as I’m in this situation, I think that (finally!) I have to tell you some things about Iasi. About my dear Iasi.

When I found out that I’d been accepted at „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, I was soooo happy. I’d been preparing physically and morally for my departure. Till then, I hadn’t left the house more than for a month. I loved my little room so much and I was afraid to live at a hostel, because I thought I wouldn’t find my place there. But that didn’t matter so much, as I’d been accepted at one of the best universities in Romania! Nothing mattered beside that. I took my backpack and my biiiiig suitcase and left.

The first impressions were that, of course, the roads were very good and that there were bicycle tracks. After that I saw the parks in Copou and smiled, because I knew that I was going to live in Copou and the parks would be totally mine! 🙂

I saw the university before, but I didn’t know that the faculty of Letters was in the most beautiful unit of the university! Well, I was even happier after that!


Only after some weeks here I decided to discover Iasi. I wandered it far and wide. Of course, the first destination was Palace Mall and the Palace of Culture. After that came Stefan cel Mare Boulevard, the churches, the Central Library of the University, Copou Park, Botanical Garden, the National Theater „Vasile Alecsandri” and many other places, which continiously convinced me how beautiful Iasi was and how proud should I be that I was living there.

(I will risk and show you more photos than usually, because I made a lot this year. Of course, they are not of high quality, because I didn’t have a camera everytime beside me, but they reveal Iasi’s beauties.)




Palace of Culture


„Retro Cafe”
University’s Library
„Copou” Park


Ştefan cel Mare Boulevard
National Theater „Vasile Alecsandri”
„Copou” Park
Faculty of Letters

Iasi enchanted me. It’s a small city, but it has everything you are looking for! Both good and bad things. 🙂 But if we try to be optimistic, the bad ones don’t matter at all. I will miss it. I will miss the long walks and talks in the parks. I will miss the sleepless nights in the hostel. I will miss the shop from the corner. I will miss those students that were singing in the campus at 4 a.m. I will miss the coffee before the 8 a.m lecture. I will miss the sunrise. These memories seem general, but, in fact, they are more personal than you can imagine.

The years spent at the university are the most beautiful ones! Collect memories now, because you can! If you don’t do it, there will remain only regrets and nostalgia!

I wish you a beautiful summer and we’re gonna see each other again in october, dear university!