With love, from Chernivtsi!

I think, first of all, I should apologize for my absence. The truth  is that I have organized a mini-trip for my lost soul and then I returned to my „beloved” hostel and I had no Internet connection, but this is another story. I will, of course, someday, tell you about living at a student hostel. I just have to be in the mood, this is kind of a more special topic :))

A cold autumnal morning brought me to the station. Spontaneous. Without any preparation. Because of the desire of escaping, getting away. I found myself on a chair near the window in the minibus which was driving me to Ukraine. I was just delaying this trip for some reason. Then, that day I just said: „I’m leaving tomorrow morning!” And I left. With the hope that a new city would help me rebuild myself.

The first impression was that, of course, the streets were as bad as in Moldova. But, well, I wasn’t even expecting something else. The second thing that I have noticed was that ukranians love luxury. I won’t say more, because I do not want to judge anyone or generalize. Maybe you will visit Ukraine someday and you will make your own impressions.

Of course I have visited Chernivtsi! Well, what a beautiful city! Especially because I was there with a lovely friend which I haven’t seen for a while and which, unexpectedly, became one of the most awesome people in my life.


Those two days spent in Chernivtsi gave me the opportunity to visit nearly the whole city. Of course the first place to visit was the National University in Chernivtsi. And I must say that I have never seen a more beautiful university in my life. I think I stayed there like for 3 hours and just admired it.






After that, we walked across the streets and the colorful districts. Then we got to the most important street, Kobylianska Street, where we listened to great music, tasted their coffee and enjoyed a great evening.




Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to visit the museums, because we decided to pay more attention to the city, to the arhitecture, to the people and to the streets.




Anyway, I do not regret visiting Chernivtsi. I came back with a looooot of sweets from Roshen and with some more beautiful days to talk about with one of my dearest persons, at midnight. Because only the dearest persons in your life will sincerely listen to your stories about your great days and really be happy for you.



With love, from Chernivtsi!