Venice: the Bridge to Happiness

It’s that city where you can bathe in history. It’s that city where you can hold in your hand the most beautiful memories and never let them go. It’s that city where it seems like all dreams may come true. It’s that city where history merges reality and where love is infinite.

It’s Venice. Yes, the beautiful Venice. Venice, the city people talk about throughout the world…

I’ve always dreamed about visiting this awesome city. To walk on all its streets, to see its waters, to wander all its cafes. As I’m an artistic person, I imagined myself sitting on a road side, with a book in one hand and with my journal in the other. This meant perfection for me.

Well, as I had the possibility to spend in Venice just one day, it wasn’t exactly as  had imagined, but it surely fascinated me. I knew I would like Venice even before getting there, maybe this thing also influenced the way I saw it.

Firstly, I didn’t even imagine a city on water. Of course I’ve read a lot about Venice and about its public transport, but still!

From the first moment I got off the bus and stepped on the „venetian territory”, I understood how lucky I was! What a beauty and I didn’t even see anything!


More I went forward, more delighted was I! The uniform arhitecture and, at the same time, such a different arhitecture, colorful buildings, new and old, but without noticing it! The tourists who were walking up and down without even knowing where to start from, as the place was full of beauties! The cafes that were full of travelers who stopped by to drink their coffee! The beautiful taxis, which you see in movies and say to yourself: „Well, it should be so romantic!”



And, of course, the bridges, both small and big, which Venice stands on!



Here is the taxi! 🙂



I returned home tired. Physically, not morally. If I always listened to my heart, I would remain there forever!

Still I have a thing I didn’t like about Venice. There were a lot of tourists in July. If you want to enjoy Venice as it expects form you, if you want to taste all the beauties that it offers you, you should visit it in spring, autumn or even winter. But not summer. Venice is a great city. It requires attention and time. You can’t just pass by. You have to study it, to understand it. You have to look for its history and to listen to it.

I wish you a beautiful vacation in Venice! I hope you will return with a smile on your face, my dear reader!

Florence is waiting for you!

If someone asked me which country I wanted to live in, I would definitely answer: Italy. I think this is my soul country, the one that fills me with pleasure, inspiration and life. Maybe it’s too early to say it but now I want to live nowhere but in Italy. I want to rent a small apartment with big windows and enjoy my life in italian districts.

I saw Italy for the first time in 2012.  We were on an eurotrip and the first destination was Italy. We arrived in the evening, the city was „yellow” because of the lights and it was so quiet… We arrived in Capri and my eyes were „running” from one place to another to succeed in seeing everything they could.

The next day we went for Florence. I think I like this city mostly because of its name. What can be more beautiful than having a name like Florence?! I was so lucky that the second city that I visited in Italy was Florence. When we arrived there, I realized that Florence deserved its name. My heart was filling with joy because of all the beauties that surrounded me. I was more childish than I am now, it was the first country that I was visiting beside Moldova and Romania and I was so enthusiastic! I had the impression that my heart was going to leave my chest and move in Florence! And if I could, I would have done the same!

Unluckily, we spent in Florence just a day. But it was totally worth it. I was so tired that at the end of the day I even walked barefoot back to the car, because my feet hurt so badly!

We failed to see all the things we wanted to see. This is why I can’t suggest you a lot of beautiful places to see. But I hope I’ve already convinced you to visit it.

1.The first and the most important place to see is Uffizi Gallery. It’s the biggest museum in Florence and it has the biggest collection in the whole world of Renaissance paintings of the most known painters from that period, like Michelangelo or da Vinci. The building is from the XVIth century and it has great architectural elements! Well, the feeling that you’ll have there will be just „wow” and „am I really seeing it?!”

2. Florence Cathedral. It is one of the most beautiful and one of the biggest cathedrals in the world. The architecture is not very complicated and sophisticated, but you’ll surely be surprised. The Cathedral’s Museum also has a big collection of paintings, sculptures and icons.


3. Ponte Vecchio. I was watching at it and I was wondering how was it possible that it was still there with so many shops built on it? It’s an amazing view and you just want to look at it forever. I saw it in daylight. Can you imagine how beautiful it is with those italian night lights? I hope I will find out soon and I will show you midnight photos of the bridge.


Unfortunately, these are the only places that I saw in Florence. Of course there are others to enjoy, like Piazza della Republica, Bargello Museum or Palazzo Pitti. Although, I hope I demonstrated you that Florence was totally worth it!