What does Goodreads offer?

I’m a „hardcore” reader (I know it sounds weird, but I just couldn’t find any other word :D). If I invite you for a coffee some day, you can be sure that, at some point, I will start talking about a book. I used to search information about the books that I’ve read and how to organize my time to succeed in reading all that I wanted to read. Well, in result, I found this amazing site.

The best discovery was, of course, Goodreads. I spend hours on this site. And I found extraordinary things here.

1. Reading Challenge. Of course we can set a goal by ourselves. But it is easier to utilize what Goodreads offers to us. You can establish a number of books you want to read this year. It shows your progress, how many books you’ve read so far and how many books are left.

2. Shelves.  You can arrange your books on shelves. In this way, you can create a virtual library. You can create as many shelves as you want and add as many books as you want. This offers you the possibility to be more organized.

3. Recommendations. According to your shelves, Goodreads makes a statistic and shows you books that you would like to read. Therefore, if you are bored and have nothing to read, you can visit the Recommendation page and you will surely find your next book.

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4. Quotes. I don’t know if there is another site that has more quotes thatn Goodreads. If you need a quote, you just search on Goodreads and you find thousands of them! 

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5. Ask the Author.  There is a list with authors that can answer your question every week. I ddn’t use this tool, but I think this is very interesting. So if you want to ask something or you’ve read a book written by one of the writers from that list, you can ask him/her anything about the book.


6. Quizzes. You can find thousands of quizzes upon a lot of literature topics and books. I usually answer all the quizzes about Harry Potter. It makes me feel like I’m reading the books again 😀

7. The progress. You can set the date you start a book, the page you’ve reached so far and the date you’ve ended the book. According to these dates, Goodreads offers you some stats.

8. „To-read” list. This is a very useful thing for those that like to search for good books and to save them somewhere. I tried to use this tool, but I always found other books to read than those that were on the list. Because reading isn’t something that should be done upon a schedule. You read what you want, not what’s on the list for today. But everyone has his/her own opinion.Maybe you will find this very useful. 

146737516515636 (7)

As you’ve observed, I haven’t read any of the books on the list.

9. Reviews. I think they are the best on Goodreads. Almost every book has hundreds of reviews, that help you understand the book, analize it and its characters. I’ve used the reviews a lot in high school, because there were a lot of books that I couldn’t understand. This is oen of my reviews. 

146737516515636 (10)

Of course there are more interesting things, but I let you discover them. I hope I was useful and I’m waiting for you adding me on Goodreads to exchange opinions and recommendations.

What do you think about Goodreads?

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      1. I’m sure gonna try it. I haven’t read anything since forever. It might help me getting in touch with my reader self again. Thank you for writing this article! Keep writing!


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