„To Kill a Mockingbird”, Harper Lee


It’s a strange book. I had no idea what it was about, I didn’t read any reviews or summaries, I just started to read it because it was such a „popular” book. Firstly, I thought it was a thriller book, because of the Radley House and the story of that family. The book was creepy and I could have sworn the plot would have been about the misterious family and about the kids being related to it. Then it escalated quickly and it was about a trial, Negroes, justice and, of course, mockingbirds (figuratively, of course). I didn’t expect such a turn in the plot. But I managed to finish it.

And now about the feeling that I had while reading the book. Ok, it was a fine reading. It was pure, innocent, childlike and interesting (here and there). But nothing important happened till page 200 (or something like that). There were just ordinary events that didn’t exactly have an impact on me. Then started the trial and, of course, I was curious about how it would end and it was the climax of the book.

Then that feeling went away and again started the daily routine. I didn’t even manage to read every single word, because I was so bored. Then again, the author got it right with the ending, as I hadn’t at all expected that.

And I was actually crying while finishing the book. I do not know why, but I was crying, it gave me a strange feeling. It felt like that poor little girl was too young to experience such terrible things and it just hit me. And I couldn’t stop it. It was a feeling of loneliness, of wilderness, of nothingness. It felt like they were alone in that world.

So, it was hard to decide how many stars it deserved on Goodreads. I didn’t like it, but actually did. But I gave it 4 stars as it was much better than other books that had 3 stars.

4 gânduri despre “„To Kill a Mockingbird”, Harper Lee

    1. Acest articol se bazează mai mult atât pe mesajul şi tema cărţii, cât şi pe rezumatul acesteia. Eu am pus accent mai mult pe însuşi procesul lecturii şi cât de mult m-a mişcat pe mine.
      Mulţumesc, totuşi, pentru link 🙂

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