Have you smiled today?


Do you realize how lucky you are if you have someone to synchronize your breath with?

Do you know how much it means to have a person to call everytime you need it?

Do you understand that if you keep running after the Sun, you’ll only get rain and snow?

I keep wondering if you have found out that you do not have time at all. You have to smile now, to fight now, to grow up now, to say „I love you” now, to hug as tight as you can now. And do you know why? Because you do not have time at all…

Have you noticed that everything’s changing? That nothing lasts longer than it has to last?


Do you know that everytime you go to bed you have to forget about everything and fill your heart with warmth and love?

Please, just get it, you are much happier than anyone else, because you can still laugh heartily at a bad joke of someone whom you love much more than you love ice-cream on a  long hot summer day.



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