Harry Potter, somehow

A hot summer day had brought me to a library that never let me go without a book in my hands.

The first book was Harry Potter.

Harry Potter.

If I had to choose just a book to keep, I would definitely choose Harry Potter. People told me that I was childlike and this idea was absurd. Some people actually laughed.
This is not absolutely not absurd. I grew up with Harry Potter. It won my attention from the very first moment I took it in my hands.

I periodically reread some excerpts because only they can help me get up when I just can’t move forward. It’s not just a book. It is a good friend that’s always ready to support and show my way to the Sun, to the light, to happiness. It is a dear soul which I would never let too far away from me. It is a life, a heart that beats together with mine.

It was magic. From the very first moment I took it in my hands and till now – it is magic. And it wouldn’t have been if I hadn’t read it.

It’s pure magic. Literally and in the every real sense of this word.

I read and reread the books in different phases of my life and I discovered a lot of things that hadn’t while reading as a kid. And believe me, there were so many such moments…

I have always tried to realize what Harry Potter taught me and I understood that there were too many things to be listet. However, the most important thing was that for the first time in my life I noticed what sacrifice meant. I learnt how to be a good friend, what sincerity, fidelity, harmony, justice and help meant and… and I learnt how to love unconditionally because, as Marin Preda said, if love isn’t, nothing is…

A month ago I received the most beautiful gifts in my entire life. First of all, they were the most beautiful because they were from two most beautiful and dearest persons in the whole world and, secondly, because there isn’t a better gift than that imaginary hand towards the sun.



I missed that united „gang” of friends, that unshakeable friendship, those emotional and physical bounds. I missed it so much. And I will always miss it. Maybe that’s why I will daily put one of the books on my nightstand. And it doesn’t even matter how old I will be. Harry Potter doesn’t have an age, it has a character.

P.S. In case you do not understand what is in the second photo: it is a box with Hogwarts painted on it by my lovely best friend.

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