bedtime story


You do not organize a trip in the mountains just to see them. You want to see yourself more than anything. You want to find yourself, you want to try to rebuild or discover something.

I looked for fresh air. We looked for fresh air. And, obviously, for beauty.
We followed the clouds
and we switched our heads to see the mountains,
we walked a lot to reach the destination,

we insisted on freezing and getting hungry just to enjoy the warmth and that tasty steak,
we visited castles, streets, parks,
we climbed a lot of stairs,
we searched for chairs that would alleviate the fatigue,
we ran to the train station just to catch the trains
and then we slept in those trains,
we tasted the snow and then we tasted the Sun,
we found what we wanted to find,
we screamed,
we saw everything,
and, inevitably, we laughed, a lot.

We had a trip in „history”, and we did photos secretly, and we had fun,
we ate chocolate,
we looked for fir tree smell and we wanted so much to taste it, but gave up on this.

Busteni made us dream,
Sinaia made us run,
Brasov made us sing.


We have found our shadow. Did you?

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