2016 in some words

It is hard to summarize a whole year in some words. There were so many unexpected things that changed the whole world my whole world.

It started with a cold winter. With snow, movies and candles. Then with exams, sleepless nights, coffee, joy, regrets and friendships. What a strange combination! But still, it was beautiful.

It had, to some extent, a nice continuation. It was a hard year, much harder than I had expected. But it was nice exactly because of this. It taught me to lose. To give up. It taught me to hold hands only with those people who let you hold their hands. And there were few of them. Still, enough. It taught me to accept and to speak. And then to listen. To run away, to escape, to hide.

After hiding, I looked for the way out of the hiding-place. And I found the door  liberty. And I followed it, of course.


And then, about other goals. I did enough to transform this year in a memorable one.
Of course, I didn’t read as many books as I had wanted to. You never read as much as you plan to, actually. But there were good books.
I danced. A lot. At wonderful events, with my make-up on and well dressed. Also in my bedroom, in my pajamas, with my long, disheveled hair and sleepy mood.
I talked. Like A LOT. Just to be rememebered 🙂
Oh, I also cried, but tshhh!, don’t say a word, because then I laughed more (heartily!).
I loved unconditionally and I gave as much as I could give.
I did everything I could to make someone happy.



This year grabbed my arm and asked me to follow it, promising light.

And it gave me exactly what he had promised to give.

So, thanks, 2016.


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