Still Matutinal, at Midnight


Mornings are always the hardest. You wake up after a beautiful dream, you open your eyes, silently examine the wall and you are slowly starting to recall all the things that you put aside over the night. And everything feels like for the first time. Every morning comes with new frustrations, dilemmas and problems. You wake up daily with the thought that there is no one to take care of your matutinal coffee and you have no one to drink it with. You are joyful that it is sunny outside and that the day will keep the promise and take away some sorrows of yours for you not to suffocate completely. You are joyful that it is sunny outside because as long as the Sun keeps arising, there is hope.

You are joyful that it is sunny out of doors, but your eyes are grieving because they cannot see it very well. As it is raining inside. Always.


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