August in Chisinau

From the very first moment I arrived in Chisinau, I was troubled by the thought that it would suffocate me. That I would have too many things to think about, too many memories to recall, to many risks to take.

I do not like Chisinau. Literally, I’m totally not afraid to say that this is not the city I would like to live in and this is not the city I’m proud of. Yes, it is my dear city. Yes, I have grown up here. The best memories are from Chisinau. Everytime I leave it, I spend hours thinking how nice it would be to return and take the 185th minibus from Valea Morilor as I did daily in the past, to drink a coffee in a park, to have a walk with my people. Yes, it is my dear city. But I like it spiritually. Not visually or materially.

In the last months, our capital became a city lost in the renovations, problems, scandals, events and the effort of becoming a better capital. I think this „effort” will last at least two more years till the renovation of our streets are finally completed.

But, still, I’m kinda suffocating here. But my people help me breath. After all, everything seems more beautiful when you have someone to work on that beauty. The days pass faster when someone wakes you up to find out if you are not late; when you wake up by yourself and you know someone is waiting for you; when you run through the plains and talk about taboo beautiful things; when you rewatch movies from your childhood; when someone buys you a present and says she thought about you when she saw it; when you know you have a person to invite for a coffee.


i was looking at the sun
comparing it to a passing bird, a beloved one


and i wanted to catch it with my eyes, to stop it from its way.



a coffee that generates a life provocative;
i have never been so talkative.



i looked to the right


then to the left


and I had a „double” smile, seeing you everywhere. it would have been perfect if you had immediately materialized


this is how I will smile
if you steal me once in a while.
(from my life,



Beloved and loveless Chisinau, even if I’m always saying you are a very non-european capital, you do know that you hold in your „hands” wonderful lives and people, don’t you?

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