How are you saying goodbye to your summer?

The last four days welcomed me with changes. I decided to „purple” my hair, to paint on walls and to throw away a lot of things from my mind from my shelves.




And my wall has received some kind of a dreamy and thoughtful Mia.



Today I’m wondering why I did this. Maybe because Chisinau is too boring, maybe because I miss something or maybe just to give up on solving my inner problems, who knows?

Or maybe you do these kind of things when you feel lost, trying to find yourself. Or, on the contrary, you do whatever you can to get lost again and not to understand who you are and what represents you.



This summer passes quickly, but, at the same time, the days seem to pass slower than they have to. I do a lot of things, but it seems like I do nothing. I am looking for myself.

How are you saying goodbye to your summer?

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