Do not forget that you also have a sky of yours

I didn’t use to look at the sky when I was a kid. I could even forget that there were stars and a moon. All day long I used to play, dance, sing, paint imaginary pictures and everything that was characteristic to a child. I had no energy to stay late at night to taste the beauty of the stars. Of course I have learned at the kindergarden, then at school that there were  millions of stars, I knew that there were another plantes, that there existed a Sun, which ensured our existence and that there existed a Moon, which shared its light with us in the night. I knew the world was huge and that there were some more billions of people beside me. I also found out what family, creation, passion, ambition meant. I was a curious kid. I even started to read when I was 3 years old. I was interested in everything except the sky that shelters us.

I realized a few years ago how many things I had lost because of my ingorance for the sky. From that day I started to analize everything, to create connections between my life and the sky. There was a platonic relationship between me and my sky. I was discreetly examining it and it was quietly watching over me. We have never spoked to each other, but it felt like nobody had ever told me more things than the sky had. The first thing I discovered was that it was a metaphor for the continuity of life. And maybe it was the best metaphor ever. It changes its appearence every single day. It doesn’t wear the same clothes, the same feelings, the same looks. Everytime something different, maybe similar to each other, but never the same. Of course it’s always with the Sun, the Moon and the stars. Because they can’t split. How could they if they were a family?!

But it is in a continuous change just as our world is. The babies have new habits, they grow up, become kids, then teenagers, then adults and finally, they get old. But the sky doesn’t get old. This is the only difference. If it had got old, the babies would have never had new habits and the whole cycle would have stopped. So, the next thing I discovered was that the sky wasn’t just a metaphor for the continuity of life, it was an important spine of it. I realized that we do not have only our spine. There are other ones which we have to hold on to, which we have to take care of to continue our existence.

The sky taught me what profoundness, kindness, hope, waiting and patience meant. It taught me that I didn’t have to hurry in doing something. The night never hurries to come earlier than it has to come, the Sun never rises earlier than it has to rise.

But the most important thing I learned was that the sky housed infinite emotions. The sky hid in its clouds thousands of stories. Haven’t you ever seen a kid screaming to the sky how happy he is? Haven’t you ever seen an old man looking to the sky with his melancholic eyes? Haven’t you ever seen a dog running happily under the sky? It contains so many lives in it and it is still firm. Should we do the same? Should we be strong no matter what? We should. For us, for others. We have to fight.

Do not forget that you also have a sky of yours.


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