about white dresses and lilies of the valley

her face will force you to stole lilies of the valley from strange gardens and to spy on her at midnight over her window.


she’s in her always wanted white dress and she’s running over the streets. her curly hair is wrapping over her body and the white cloth harmonizes with her feelings, which are flooding out like waterfalls from her beautiful eyes, from her little ears and her thin lips.

she’s in her always wanted white dress. and she’s tripping over her own two feet while dancing on the stairs in the park and you take her hand trying to keep her balance, as she’s so dizzy because of your presence. she’s constantly spinning with her eyes closed like she’s dreaming about swimming and she’s sorrounded by an absolute happiness.

she’s in her always wanted white dress. and she has a smile of a happy child. with her long and fine fingers, she’s playing with those little leaves from the stalk of a beautiful blue flower and she’s looking at you with her most pure feeling of kindness and happiness.

she’s in her always wanted white dress. and she’s so hospitable. she’s so hospitable in this white dress that she has sheltered in her soul so many passions, fears, memories, phobias.


wouldn’t it be wonderful to merge your stolen lilies of the valley with her white dress during this amazing day?


6 gânduri despre “about white dresses and lilies of the valley

      1. I meant only to deliver a kind and positive comment. I felt that your description of this experience was of someone having the best time. She found this day one of immense enjoyment. It’s nice to have a happy day doing what you love by way of all of your sense. Don’t you agree?

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