skyline. sunset in Palmela

bloody sunsets
and sunrises that are painfully throbing into my head…


the sense of oblivion bows down to me and, taking my hand, throws me into the future: „do you know that you’ll be alive?”, it says to me.

and i, so confused, lost in time, struggling between my future, present and my past, have frozen… unconsciously, without binding myself to the memories, desires and dreams, without hoping or waiting for something, in a state of nothingness trying to find a balance, i speak clearly, bluntly, without even trying to understand what I’m talking about: „yes, this is what i’ll do.”

and then….

then I see myself running after sunsets and sunrises, throwing lilac flowers to the skyline, drawing my own skyline…

…or just sketching the illusion that there still could exist more than just a skyline in the whole world.

13871813_1179391248798361_1164374818_n (1)
sunset in Palmela

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