Dedicated to Those from the Above (or maybe to Us)

You may be happy There. Cumulus_clouds_as_seen_from_an_airplane
Maybe you’re bathing in soft and fluffy clouds…
Maybe you’re drinking your morning coffee…
In an eternal morning…
Is there something more beautiful
than an eternal morning?

Maybe, while drinking it,
you’re watching, with a little smile, over our mistakes.
Maybe you’re thinking that we’re naive, „little”and that
someday we’re going to understand how to fix them…
Or how to love ourselves,
or how to forget about pride;
or how not to make a mock on
the feelings of those that, without even realizing,
are the most important ones;
Or how not to continuously dream
about a different future…
„Couldn’t you just live your present?”, you’ll probably ask yourselves…


Maybe someday we, the earthlings, are going to ask ourselves the same question…
Couldn’t we just learn how to appreciate the things that really matter?

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