How does it feel like to live near the Ocean?

I have never really liked the sea and, generally, the water. Because I’m afraid of it. Everytime we went on a vacation at the sea I rested happily for 3-4 days and then could not wait to get back home.

And then I discovered the ocean and everything changed. I do not want to leave it anymore! I do not know why, I do not know what has happened, but I miss it so much when I get in the car and think that I’ll see it after some days. It has something specific. The water. The shells. The sand. The imensity. The histories. You look at it at its vastness and you realize how many things it is hiding. You realize that it has the power to hold into its depths so many lives and stories and it can still be calm! I would endlessly struggle if I were an ocean!

I have always thought that it was impossible to calm your spirit just by listening to the sound of the waves. But the ocean taught me that it was actually possible. You think it is your best friend and you do not want to leave it anymore. You want to build yourself a small house, to fall asleep and wake up there.

One day I saw a bottle floating on the water. I asked myself if there wasn’t any paper with a message in it.










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