I’d like to share my Happiness

I’ve recently told you about my passion for dance (you can check it here: About Dance) and that I was involved in some projects as a voluntary to dance. That was a great opportunity for me and my „dancing” personality. I finally found some videos from the event with our choreographies.

The first choreography was made upon Michael Jackson’s song (an awesome one!) „They don’t care about us”, as the concert was about war and peace. The feeling was just amazing. The moves had to be steady to show the power of the message we wanted to share. We tried to do our best and we were proud of the result.

You can check it here: Michael Jackson, „They don’t care about us”


Then, after some weeks we were invited to dance at the anniversary of the organsation we were voluntaries at. This dance was made in just a week. At the beggining, we weren’t sure that we would succeed with the choreography, because we hadn’t much time for it. But the result was also good. We met almost every day and worked hard.

You can check a bit of the choreography here: Sia, „Cheap Thrills”

I just wanted to share with you my happiness of having the opportunity to do this. And I’m just so proud that I didn’t give up on it. I’m not dancing at a dance school, taking lessons from professionals because my health doesn’t allow me to do this. But I keep trying to do what I like. And it doesn’t even matter that I’m not a professional and that I’m not „famous” because of it. Because sometimes the little joys are the most important ones. I don’t need dance to be a way of gaining popularity and a way of praising. I need it to be a part of me, a part of my personality and of my ambition.

Never give up on your dreams and joys, because they are the things that make you feel alive and happy!


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