My journey

My relationship with writing and books appeared like 5 years ago. I was so enthusiastic that I was always writing, I wanted to write everything I hadn’t till then. I used to wake up in the middle of the night just to write about a dream I had. I wrote everything. Maybe I was a little naive, because I didn’t care about what I wrote. Now I grew up and I realized that it wasn’t just me who mattered,  the readers mattered. I realized that others had to be satisfied, I had to offer something that was worth the attention. I had to do my work in order to be able to help someone.

And then I understood that I had no inspiration. I stopped. I didn’t write anything. Just some lines per month, to feed my thought that, someday, I would find my inspiration. I wouldn’t say that I wasn’t looking for ideas, but I was on a „stop” and nothing was going like it should be. I thought I wouldn’t regain that desire of writing that I had had at the beggining. I forced myself to send essays and works to competitions, because I didn’t want to lose the hope that someday I would be able to do what I wanted to. This situation lasted for 2 years. Then I decided to get rid of my old blog and make another one, a public one. Not for popularity and fame, but to convince myself that I could get what I wanted.


Well, this blog isn’t exactly the thing I want to do in life, but it is a bridge to my future success, it’s the bridge that will help me think, progress and help someone. It doesn’t seem like my content is very useful and there are thousands of people who want to read it. But I’m sure that there is a person, somewhere in this big world, who is looking exactly for what I’m writing. And I do not need anybody else.

I’m writing here for my own good. To get out from the gulf that hosted me for 2 years. To have something. I can’t afford to buy an editorial or something like that, I’m even too young to be hired for a job. And I don’t even want it, because I still do not have the necessary knowledge to let myself proudly say that I’m hired. I have to grow, I have some more books to read to be ready to fight for a job and do it well. I tried to work as a voluntary in the field of writing and translating, but I realized two things, depending on the domain I was working, that generated my withdrawal. The first one was that that wasn’t what I wanted to do and the second one was that I wasn’t ready.

This blog is what I want to do now and even if sometimes I’m not ready and wonder if my content is good, there isn’t anybody to tell me how to do it. I do it as I want till I learn how to do it as it has to be done.

So, my dear reader, I please you not to lose your hope if you’re looking for a job and can’t find it. You still have time! Do not stop learning and gaining knowledge. If you have a blog, complete it regularly with new ideas to notice your change and progress! Good luck!


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