The big Event


I’m so happy to say that I have 100 followers today. I just wanted you to know that I’m very glad that I can really catch your attention. You’ve been very kind to me and you helped me feed my ambition. This is my first try of having a „serious” blog and I’m pleased, because the result is so unexpectedly good. So, this means a lot for me, because this is a place where I feel fine, this is a place where I can come back everytime I want, even if there happens a lot of shit in my life. This blog will always be here for me. It is a support for me and I hope it will become a support and an inspiration for you someday.

I would really like to ask you if you have any advice upon my blog. Does it lack anything? I’m very careful about how my readers see it, because the reader, beside the writer, is the most important in the process of writing.

Also, I’ve recently decided to create a Facebook page for my blog. It’s still in process, but I’m thinking about developing it. So, if you want, you can check it here: sub soare.

Thanks for reading, appeciating and helping!


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