„I missed you today. I felt your absence in every single point of my soul and body.

You said you would come back and you never did. You hugged me, instead, in my glommy dream and then you left me there in the field full of flowers, which were your favorites. The saddest thing was that I was looking at you going away and I didn’t even try to stop you, I didn’t even scream your name… And you didn’t even turn your look back to me…

We were naked. We took off the feelings and spread them through the field. We just didn’t want to find them anymore. We were naked and abandoned. We were trapped in that state of nothingness, where you knew nothing about others and where you couldn’t see anything.

You were kilometers apart and I was still laying there moitonless. It was empty. The cleft between my lips, the space between my eyelashes, there wasn’t anything. My body was desolated…

And I opened my eyes. And I felt. Again. The same.
Again the same I love you.”


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