About changes

I’ve already said that I’m not a „permanent” person. I always need a change. Well, because of this, I decided that the best change for me would be to „play” a little bit with my hair.

I used to have long, beautiful, rich and curly hair. Then I decided to change something. Of course, it happened at that age when teens thought that they were adults and could decide everything by themselves.

This is how my hair looked like before my „travels” to the hairdresser’s shop.


Then I sacrificed it a little:


A little more…


Some centimeters more and that’s all!


Well, I stopped. I let it grow, but I dyed it. Redhead.

povesti_MG_6502 copy

Some months had passed, and there I was! I couldn’t resist.



Not this time. I wanted a red straid of hair. To be more effective.


Then it started to grow and I cut it again, the same haircut.


Well, then I SERIOUSLY decided to let my hair rest. That was enough. I didn’t touch it for a year. But, on a hot summer day, I went to the hairdresser because I wanted ombre.


I liked it for a year, then I (of course!) got bored and cut the ombre. (Isn’t it funny?!)


A few days ago, two months after my last visit to the hairdresser, I visited her again to dye my hair. Smoky color this time. I didn’t succeed, because the colors didn’t mix as they had to.

Usually, people say that a person cuts his/her hair when he/she wants to get rid of his/her past. I think I wanted the same thing. I was in a period of intense emotional feelings and I was looking for something to regenerate me. I was looking for something different. I was looking for a thing to keep me safe, to hide me.

I have never been afraid of changes. Of course, there were hesitations, thoughts but never fear. Life doesn’t go forward if you change nothing. You remain on the same stage. A change always brings something new. Of course, it isn’t everytime a good thing, but it is worth the try. If you do not risk, you will obtain nothing. You will have just the thought: „But what if…?”

Do not be afraid of changes. Be afraid of monotony

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  1. I loved every hairstyle! I, as well, tend to do „drastic” things to my hair regarding the length of it and tend to go back and forth in different shades of brown, but for me I don’t see it as trying to get rid of something, but that it best portrays my personality and how it is very contrasting.

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