A student’s instability – About Iasi

In the first year at the university you want very much to go home. Because you miss it. You miss your family, friends, places. You go home everytime you can. But when summer comes and you have to leave the hostel (if you live in one) and you have to say goodbye to your friends that have been near you for a year, the feeling isn’t so nice and you don’t even wanna go home anymore.

And as I’m in this situation, I think that (finally!) I have to tell you some things about Iasi. About my dear Iasi.

When I found out that I’d been accepted at „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, I was soooo happy. I’d been preparing physically and morally for my departure. Till then, I hadn’t left the house more than for a month. I loved my little room so much and I was afraid to live at a hostel, because I thought I wouldn’t find my place there. But that didn’t matter so much, as I’d been accepted at one of the best universities in Romania! Nothing mattered beside that. I took my backpack and my biiiiig suitcase and left.

The first impressions were that, of course, the roads were very good and that there were bicycle tracks. After that I saw the parks in Copou and smiled, because I knew that I was going to live in Copou and the parks would be totally mine! 🙂

I saw the university before, but I didn’t know that the faculty of Letters was in the most beautiful unit of the university! Well, I was even happier after that!


Only after some weeks here I decided to discover Iasi. I wandered it far and wide. Of course, the first destination was Palace Mall and the Palace of Culture. After that came Stefan cel Mare Boulevard, the churches, the Central Library of the University, Copou Park, Botanical Garden, the National Theater „Vasile Alecsandri” and many other places, which continiously convinced me how beautiful Iasi was and how proud should I be that I was living there.

(I will risk and show you more photos than usually, because I made a lot this year. Of course, they are not of high quality, because I didn’t have a camera everytime beside me, but they reveal Iasi’s beauties.)




Palace of Culture


„Retro Cafe”
University’s Library
„Copou” Park


Ştefan cel Mare Boulevard
National Theater „Vasile Alecsandri”
„Copou” Park
Faculty of Letters

Iasi enchanted me. It’s a small city, but it has everything you are looking for! Both good and bad things. 🙂 But if we try to be optimistic, the bad ones don’t matter at all. I will miss it. I will miss the long walks and talks in the parks. I will miss the sleepless nights in the hostel. I will miss the shop from the corner. I will miss those students that were singing in the campus at 4 a.m. I will miss the coffee before the 8 a.m lecture. I will miss the sunrise. These memories seem general, but, in fact, they are more personal than you can imagine.

The years spent at the university are the most beautiful ones! Collect memories now, because you can! If you don’t do it, there will remain only regrets and nostalgia!

I wish you a beautiful summer and we’re gonna see each other again in october, dear university!

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