Rebuilding myself

I’m finally back home from the hospital! That’s why I was so unactive and had no time to write anything. And I’ve noticed that today’s word from The Daily Post is exactly the word that expresses my feelings and aspirations now.

This weekend was one of the hardest in my life, being in a hospital. I saw little kids struggling with health problems, I saw relatives crying and I saw tired pacients. It wasn’t hard physically, having a perfusion or an antibiotic running through my veins. It was hard psychologically. I realized that every single person that was there was trying somehow to rebuild themselves, they were trying to be stronger, healthier, happier. Both relatives and pacients. And they weren’t trying for themselves, they were doing that for others. The relatives tried to be hard and kind to give hope to their mothers, fathers, kids, brother, grandparents, etc. And the pacients were telling that nothing hurts and it went better just to raise their relatives’s spirits. Wasn’t it lovely?

I’ve read somewhere that airports and hospitals hear more prayers than churches. And do you know what? That’s so true. People always pray in hospitals, even if they are not religious, because they need faith. And they need hope.

So I decided to rebuild myself too. Psychologically and physically. I do not have to wait for a change, I have to be the change, I have to do it by myself. I decided to try to eat healthier, to be happier and to smile at least 5 minutes a day, because I do not want to be as sad and tired as all those people. I want to face the problems with courage and with optimism.


So, be more joyful!

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