People are always changing. Mostly I like to observe children’s transformation. I have a nephew at home and as I am studying in another country I get to see him once a month. Now he’s one year old and everytime I get to see him he always looks differently. He’s bigger, he has other habits and other favorite toys. He looks at me differently everytime I go home. He has new clothes and he has new pranks. He laughs at different jokes and he’s so pure.

Everytime I look in his eyes I see that shine in his eyes, exactly the one that we all lose with time. Everytime I look in his eyes I see curiosity, kindness and love. He looks at me, smiles and I’m just the happiest person in the whole world just because I feel his joy and pleasure.

Children’s transformation is the most impressive and beautiful one. But maybe the most painful one. As they grow up, they lose their innocence, they get to know the world and they just find out what an awful place it can be. They discover its beauties but also its injustices. They learn how to love someone besides their parents and how it is to be betrayed. They learn what’s a lie and they learn that people always lie. They discover all those things that parents hide from them in their childhood.

They are losing their innocence and I think this is the most cruel thing that can be done to a child. It’s just so unfair. So unfair…


I’ve recently found this photo and I think it’s related to the subject. I took it like 6 months ago in Iasi. I was sitting there on a bench watching at this carousel and I wanted to much to have fun on it, as I had never done it in my childhood and I always wanted to… But I was sitting there and couldn’t do it just because I wasn’t a child anymore.

I have to accept this. I’m not saying we have to forget about the child within us, but we also can’t ignore the fact that we’ve grown up… We’ve lost our innocence…

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