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A few days ago I promised you to tell my „dancing” story, which has changed me and my life radically.

I entered a dancing room 13 years ago. If I close my eyes, I can still see myself sitting on a chair there, looking at my future dance teachers, which „were holding tightly their passion”. I was looking at them fascinated and I was saying to myself that there wasn’t anything more beautiful than dance. (I grew up and I started to like theatre and literature, but anyway! There’s nothing more beautiful than dance!) And from that first day the most wonderful story of my life started to be written.


I started with little, simple steps, because I was a little kid who had never danced before. But I was ambitious and perfectionist and after a year I succeeded in being part of one of the best dance groups of the studio. I was dancing a lot, for hours, for whole days. I was dancing at home while doing my homework, because I somehow had to manage to do my homework, even if it wasn’t so important then. I clearly remember myself getting ready, dressing my bodysuit and putting on my dance shoes and dancing for hours all over the house. I think my family also remembers it, as I was always bothering them with: „Look at me, am I doing it perfectly?”

The thing that I regret the most is that I just can’t remember the very first time I „stepped” on a scene. But I remember the feeling that I had there. I was so little physical in front of hundreds of people, but I was feeling so important and so courageous that I couldn’t do anything but smile. I will never forget those few seconds before entering the scene. I will never forget those hours for my make-up. I will never forget that I’ve danced with a lot of contemporary artists and maybe it was the only chance to do it. I will never forget that dancing helped me to grow up, to develop and to be what I am today. Because it left a great and an irreplaceable mark on my soul and life.







Unfortunately, I stopped dancing after 5 years. Since then I had been looking for teachers and dance studios where I could feel the same as in my first dance studio. I had been changing dance schools for years and I didn’t spend there more than 2 or 3 months. Why? Because I didn’t feel the same atmosphere as in my childhood. I’ve never done more beautiful shows than there. Maybe now there are new schools and new competent teachers, but none of them will ever signify more than my first dance school and my first teachers.

Last month I was a „dancing voluntary”, if I can say so :). And that feeling came back. I don’t know how and why. But I felt I had to continue. Maybe because I combined two things that I liked most of all to do: volunteering and dancing. Maybe because it was a double spiritual and physical satisfaction. Maybe just because I missed so much those beautiful dancing rooms and those big scenes…





I hope someday I’ll have the required resources and knowledge to have my own dance school. I want to coordinate it as I think it has to be coordinated. Full, new, sincere. I don’t want it to be a sport. I want it to be a passion. A way of living. Something people could not give up on…

I’ve surely learned a thing from my experience: that you can’t give up on your dreams! Fight for them, because they are exactly the things that will make you the happiest man/ woman in the whole world!

P.S. I’m not a professional dancer, but I do have a soul of a dancer!




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