„One Hundred Years of Solitude”, Gabriel Garcia Marquez

„One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Marquez… What should I start with? This book is so known in all the world, that it seems impossible to make a good description of it. I don’t even why I have chosen it for this weekend. But I’m going to take advantage of this surprise-desire of mine and I will try to convince you that this is one of those books that you HAVE TO read at least once in your life.


Before reading it, I thought it was boring and with a stupid theme. I was avoiding it, because I thought I would be bored even before ending the first page. Well, I wasn’t right. From the first time I had it in my hands I couldn’t let it far away from me for more than 30 minutes. I „ate” it rapidly! Like I eat cherries in summer, without even feeling that it had so many pages. It is an EXTRAORDINARY story! With ups, downs, history, love, loss, waitings, hopes, power and everything you want. It creates the impression that you’re living there. You will think that you can travel through time, you live one hundred years in some days… And it’s not that kind of book that generates dissatisfactions and questions concerning what had happened in those 8 years that weren’t described. It just flows. You read it and you just can’t stop.

The characters are amazing and so is the plot and the theme. Of course, it is also very sombre because it underlines painful truths about the world we’re living in. But it’s not okay to read only books with happy endings. Sometimes we need books that provoke a meditation upon things, that help us understand the world…

I wish you a good end of the weekend and I hope you’ve written somewhere there in your room to read this book someday. (I am sure you’ll like Marquez! 🙂 )



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  1. Hi Mia! This is a great reminder for me to revisit this book. I think I started reading it in high school, but I don’t think I ever finished. Compared to his other book, „Love in the Time of Cholera,” which I LOVED, I found this one a bit harder to read. I definitely would like to give it another chance and am adding this to my reading list.

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    1. Hey, firstly thank you for visiting my blog! Secondly, I think you’ll find it easier to read now. I didn’t read „Love in the Time of Cholera” but if you said you liked it so much, I’m definitely going to read it this summer. We made a great exchange of our reading experience :))


      1. My pleasure! Let’s exchange notes after the summer after we finish reading the Marquez books. I’m sure you’ll post on your blog about it, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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