Productive weekend!

I once said that I was looking for programs and events that needed voluntaries. Well, last two weeks were awesome because I finally found some places where I could feel fine.
This Saturday I was a voluntary at the Light Festival in Iasi organized by Romanian Scouts. I can’t say I worked a lot, because it was not so hard to arrange 6000 origami in a park 🙂 But it was a great experience, a funny and an interesting one. I met wonderful people there and I fullfilled my desire and my great longing for volunteer work. Because this was a work for the soul, not for the body.

At this festival I realized that there still were good people. There still were people that knew what dedication meant. There still were altruistic people. All those children were running through origami and were offering their help in arranging and in lighting the candles. More than that, their parents were also helping us! Wasn’t it nice?!

But what a beauty by night! All the candles were lighted and it felt like in a fairytale!




And this Sunday I let myself flow, if I can say so. Well, I had let myself flow for two weeks before Sunday at the trainings. A dance is perfect only when you dance it beyond the limits. But this Sunday I was (again) with some wonderful people for whom dance was also a way of life and they really made my day more beautiful. I really hope that someday my dream will come true and I will own my dance school. I haven’t danced for some years, but I hope I still have my abilities. If I have time, I will make a post with some „confessions” about dance. Till then, have a nice day or a nice week! And be productive, always be productive! 


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