Conquering Lisbon, part 2

I’m not going to feed your curiosity and I’ll tell you about the other things to see in Lisbon.

1.Calouse Gulbenkian Museum. I think it’s the biggest and the richest museum that I’ve ever been to. I was, literally, walking in there and I was thinking like: „Am I really almost touching some of the greatest works of art in the whole world? Is this real?” I think I considered myself to be a star or something like that. The museum hosts works of art from Europe, Asia, Egypt, Rome and Greece. Well, it’s a great collection. I’m not telling you more because I though want to feed your curiosity a little 🙂 . If you are not fond of art you can still visit it. After that you can feel yourself a star, too 🙂 Being in one of the biggest museums in the world, this is a thing to be proud of!




2. Okay, now it becomes more interesting! I don’t know if you’ve ever heard about this, but if you’ve always wanted to visit San Francisco and you couldn’t, then you can visit Lisbon and have the feeling of being in the american city. 25th of April Bridge is usually compared to Golden Grate Bridge because it has the same construction and color. I personally didn’t know this thing till I saw it. I would have wanted to watch it for days…



More than that, if you want simultaneously to travel in another city, like Rio de Janeiro, then you can admire the bridge from Cristo Rei Statue. It’s Jesus’ statue, built upon the model from Rio de Janeiro. Of course, it doesn’t look exactly the same, but if you have a big imagination then you can admit that you’ve been at the same time in San Francisco, Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro. A good combination, isn’t it? 🙂


3. Pasteis de Belem. Here you just HAVE TO go! Do not leave Lisbon without tasting the delicious portuegese cakes directly from the maker. Pasteis de Belem is a famous place in Lisbon and it’s always full of people because all the tourists come there to drink their coffee and to taste Pasteis de Nata. Of course there are always negative aspects. There are so many tourists that you have to wait some time till a table is clear for you. But it also depends on which season you’re there. But it’s totally worth it! 😉


4. Another destination is Lisbon Oceanarium. You will be surprised by the sizes of the aquariums and by their beauty! I won’t tell you more, because I was speechless after leaving it. So I want the same for you!




5. And the last place that I recommend you to visit in Lisbon is the Zoo. If you are lucky, you can take part at the most amazing and interesting moments with the animals. For example, I was watching at a gorilla scratching its nose. For more than 10 minutes. 10 minutes. Didn’t the gorilla get bored? 😀 More than that, you can catch an amazing show with dolphins and seals. (Specifying: I do not know if they have the same schedule and shows, but I think they have something to surprise you with.)



I hope you will have a great vacation in Lisbon!


2 gânduri despre “Conquering Lisbon, part 2

    1. Thank you very much! I’m so happy that I convinced you to visit it 🙂 I’m also visiting Lisbon again in july and I’m so excited. I hope I will discover new places and I’ll definitely write about them 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog!


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