Conquering Lisbon, part 1

I started to guide you from Setubal and not from Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, because Setubal is my soul city :). But I’m „gliding” to Lisbon now and to its wonderful landmarks, which aren’t few and I’m pretty sure I didn’t manage to visit at least half of them. Of course I can take information from Wikipedia and paste it here, but I don’t think it’s worth it. First of all, because you can do it by yourself and secondly because I don’t want to talk about things I don’t know. When I approach a topic, I do it from my point of view, underlining my feelings and oppinions upon the topic. So, let’s see the things that I’ve liked in Lisbon 🙂

1.First of all, a must-see is Vasco da Gama Bridge. It’s the longest bridge in Europe and it has approximately 17 km long. The first time I crossed the bridge, I didn’t even know it was Vasco da Gama. I wasn’t really interested where we were, I had more important stuff to do in Facebook 🙂 . But after that I observed that the bridge was too long for a normal bridge and I became curious. It was so long that I had time to take photos, to ask my father about it and to see it in its splendor! It’s indeed very long, it doesn’t have a right trajectory, it has both ups and downs. I crossed it so many times and still had things to discover! If you want more details, click here: Vasco da Gama Bridge.  And I can give you some of my photos.13153291_1110466009024219_1203528702_n


2.Usually, travels tend to be more in the past than in the present. And if you want your experience to be really unique and if you want to say proudly that you’ve travelled in time and you feel like you’ve lived hundreds of years in Portugal, then you have to visit National Coach Museum.  I do not remember how much the entrance costs but I know for sure that if you are a student you receive a price cut, but you have to have something that certifies this. The museum offers a chance to cross the XVII-XIXth history because it has a great collection of carriages from this period. After I had spent a couple of hours in those very big halls I was so tired of making big eyes and saying „wow” that I wanted to take a break or go to sleep 😀 . You have here the official site of the museum: National Coach Museum.




3. To take a break from history you can take a walk through Estufa Fria. The entrance doesn’t cost so much but the memories surely do! I won’t give you more details and conclusions because you can make it by yourself. But I can give you some photos instead:





4. After you are done with Estufa Fria, don’t miss the chance to take a walk through Eduardo VII Park, which is not so far away from Estufa Fria. It’s the biggest park in Lisbon, so it’s a must-see 🙂 It has delightful views!










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