Late discoveries


I’d been living in Moldova for 18 years and I didn’t manage to see so many things that I’ve seen since I left the country. It’s so true that you learn to appreciate when you lose something.

Today we decided to go to the Danceni Lake to study its geography and to see the sorroundings. Luckily, nature supported us and gave us a sunny day and a perfect day for walks on plains and hills! Most of us see the lake from the street, but few of us see it from the perspective of the villages that are located in „its heart”. We had a great guide who showed us the most wonderful places!

These photos represent just a quarter of the beauties of this region. Do not leave Moldova without a day at the Danceni Lake. Of course, you have to dedicate other days to other charming places in Moldova!


13161313_1108476149223205_2135866669_oAnd we couldn’t end the day better than with a coffee with some milk and a tea with honey…


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