With love from Setubal, Palmela and Azeitao

These names probably seem unfamiliar to you, but this is why I’m here! Setubal is a district situated at 48 km away from Lisbon. Palmela and Azeitao are two counties. It seems like these places aren’t interesting at all, but I assure you that they are worth visiting!

The first time I arrived in Setubal was 4 years ago. It wasn’t a fixed destination, a wanted destination, we went that way because we had a place to be accommodated in Setubal. However, we realized that the destiny did the best for us, because we discovered the beauty of this city! It’s a wonderful city, with hundreds of white houses with orange roofs and a lot of tight beautiful streets! If you decide to visit Setubal, you have to experience all the beaches from that region, especially Praia da Figueirinha. And it would be better for you to visit it before 9 p.m. Why? Because till 9 p.m. there is no way back to the city, because the streets cross Serra da Arrabida and there are too many cars! If you want to return to the city you have to encircle the whole mountain. And I guess you are wondering why do you have to do this. You have to do this because you can experience the ocean and Serra da Arrabida in just one day. It will take you just 30 minutes on a car to encircle Serra da Arrabida and I assure you these minutes will be wonderful!

More than that, you will be able to see Troia, a peninsula, from every beach in the region. Troia is a very interesting destination. It’s a little peninsula, it has casino, some hotels, restaurants and you surely have to visit it if you are in Setubal. The displacement won’t be a problem, because there are ships that can take you there.13115355_1105085132895640_142631426_n

Also, if you manage to encircle Serra da Arrabida, you can stop at the caves located on the mountain slops. It’s a great view, you have the ocean in front of you and you can also see little fish or little crabs among the rocks.




Another destination is Palmela Castle. It was built in the XIIth century and it is at the top of Serra da Arrabida. If you are not afraid of height and you manage to climb to the top of the castle, you will „joy your eyes” with a wonderful view: Setubal district, peninsula Troia, Tejo river and even Lisbon! The access is free. There is also a restaurant and a shop with beautiful souvenirs there. Of course, after tasting all the beauties of the castle, you can take a walk along Palmela city.


And the last destination… it will be such a pity if you are in Portugal and you do not find out how their famous tiles (painted usually in white and blue, their traditional colors) are made, called Azulejo. And if you are in Setubal, you can visit Azulejos de Azeitao for a demonstration and an unique experience in life. For more detalis, click here: Azulejos de Azeitao .

I wish you a good evening and a night full of portuguese dreams!



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