7 reasons to visit Portugal


I will talk a lot about my travels to Portugal, because I spent two summers there and I managed to visit more places than in any other country. And I really don’t want to miss any impressions!

Firstly, I would like to show you some reasons that should incite you to buy a ticket to Portugal. 🙂

1.There are many cities that have a beach, or more beaches. So, if you want to spend your vacation on a beach, you really have many choices in Portugal. I stayed in Quinta do Anjo, Palmela, Setubal, 40 km away from Lisbon. I visited like 6 or 7 beaches only in this region. And I haven’t even managed to visit all of them, there were some more besides those that I visited!

2. You have the ocean at your feet! Even if the ocean water is colder than the sea water, if you choose a good time of the year, you get used to it. Instead, the water is very clear, you can find a lot of unique scallops and at some beaches you even have the mountains behind you. So, imagine this: if you look in front of you, you see the ocean. If you look behind you, you see the mountains. Could you be more lucky than seeing both ocean and mountain at the same time? 13077263_1099102603493893_1681794342_n

3. Portugal is not a very expensive country for trips, like England is, for example. You do not need a big amount of money to rest there. The accommodation and food do not have luxurious prices and you can even afford to have lunch or dinner at restaurants. There are a lot of places where you pay like 7-9 Euro and you eat how much you want and everything you want!

4. You will never eat so much fish as in Portugal! Salmao, dorada,
shrimps, crabs, even SNAILS! If you manage to visit Portugal in july or august, you can taste the delicious snails with fried bread, with a pint of beer or a Cola. I know you’ll think it’s impossible to eat something like this, but I assure you, THEY ARE DELICIOUS! I would really go right now there just to try them one more time.
And, more than that, fish is very cheap in Portugal. In Moldova, it’s a luxury to eat salmao, for example, because it is very expensive. But in Portugal you can afford salmao everyday. And there also are a lot of discounts for fish. 😉


5. You don’t really have to worry about rain and bad weather. It rarely happens to rain in Portugal during summer. And even if it rains… okay, it doesn’t rain, it just drizzels. And if the weather is hot, you don’t even feel the warmth because of the ocean breezes and you barely feel the high temperature.

6. You have a lot of unique places to visit. But I will talk about them in another post 😉

7. You will be able to see a rare phenomenon: architectural uniformity. There is still a tradition that is respected: white houses with orange roofs. And you rarely see a big achitectural contrast as I see in Chisinau (luxurious buildings near the buildings that can any time collapse).


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