Unexpectedly, good coffee


Travelling through Europe I realized that people in my country don’t really know what good coffee tastes and looks like. Of course I don’t want to judge anybody, because everyone has its own taste and there also exist a lot of types of coffee that require a different amount of water, milk etc. But when I look at someone drinking his morning coffee in a cup of 250 ml made with a little spoon of soluble coffee, I realize that he didn’t taste a really good coffee, that one that wakes you up in the morning without any need for a grand cup of 250 ml.

Oh, but I’ve tasted it… When my father said to me that in a little village in Portugal he drank the best coffee ever, I just didn’t believe him. Seriously, is coffee in Quinta do Anjo better than coffee in Lisbon or Venice? No, of course not. And look who was surprised then! I was. In the cafe at the corner, an old woman and an old man were preparing the best coffee that I have ever tried! In small cups, with some milk (because my spoilt stomach is not aloud to taste coffee without milk), with a spoon of brown sugar, you can drink your dose of pleasure for a whole day.  You don’t even need extra cups or more coffee. It’s just enough, because it’s prepared correctly. In most restaurants, the workers don’t put the needed amount of coffee per cup because they want to save it. And, in consequence, the coffee’s not as good as it should be.


There is a great balance between the quantity of coffee and water in that cafe. There is no greed, just the desire to make the guests’ day more beautiful. There were clients everyday, because everyone loved the cafe. And the owner smiled to me everytime I came there for my coffee, because he was a nice person. People are nicer there. They are nicer than people in big cities are, because they are happier. They are happy because of small things. And maybe this is why their coffee’s perfect, too.

If you wanna taste the best coffee in Europe, do not hesitate and visit Quinta do Anjo. And it’s just 45 minutes from Lisbon.


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