The (non-)european capital

I was born in Chisinau. A great city, I must say, from absolutely all points of view, both positive and negative. I won’t talk about it from the political perspective, because it would be a disaster. I will offer you a „new” Chisinau, I will show you the way it changed me.

People say Moldova has no beautiful and historical places. Instead, there are also rumors that moldavian women are very beautiful and that our food is delicious. Okay, that’s true and not so true. I know this town very well and I’m pretty sure I got to know it better than a lot of moldavians that have been living here for decades, (most of our citizens tend to waste their lives worrying about unuseful things, without even noticing the beauty that sorrounds them, that could decrease the unpleasentness of life) and I can surely say that we do have beautiful places and beautiful women and our „mamaliga” with homemade „branza” is the best dish ever! And I will talk mostly about the capital, because it usually tends to be underappreciated (politics, streets, Chirtoaca, you know 😀 )
But Chisinau is a very beautiful town. It’s beautiful in winter and spring, and summer, and autumn!

Winter nights are more luminous than winter days. I wouldn’t say that the Christmas Tree from Piata Marii Adunari Nationale is a very beautiful one and worth it, but it’s okay as it is, rather than without a Christmas tree 😀 Because one thing I know for sure: even if the Christmas trees look richer and more beautiful in other cities in this world than in Chisinau, Christmas is still more pleasant in the town where you’ve grown up!

Spring in Chisinau comes unexpectedly. Stealthly, subtle and then bam! Everything turns green and the gardens are full of violets and camomiles! Students’ exams are also coming and our city is slowly getting an enticing smell of coffee…

But summer… During summer you don’t even want to stay at home. You make a sandwich, buy some fruits and a bottle of water and you take your backpack with you. You leave the house at 10 pm and come back at 12 am or you don’t come back at all for some days. You just can’t miss the opportunities to visit Valea Morilor, Valea Trandafirilor, Gradina Botanica, Dendrarium, parallel streets in the downtown, vintage cafes, sunsets, forests, wanderings… You just can’t pass up any corner of the city…

…Till rain comes back. Till nature gets tired of accommodatin and maintaining so many souls and it starts rusting and autumn comes… And we taste the pleasant evenings spent near the window in our rooms with a cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate in one hand and in the other hand with a big and beautiful bouquet of memories…

Chisinau appears differently for all of us and I’m pretty sure that there is no man who can say that has not even a precious moment connected to Chisinau. Even if it’s criticized, even if it appears to be a (non-)european capital, I advise you to visit it, because it’s worth it!


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